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Nuts and Bolts of New Ventures - 2021
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Session 1 - Tuesday 1/12/2021
Session 2 - Thurs 1/14/2021
Session 3 - Tues 1/19/2021
Session 4 - Thurs 1/21/2021
Session 5 - Tues 1/26/2021
Session 6 - Thurs 1/28/2021
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The Course Reader is available to registered students on the "Materials" tab at the MIT Canvas website for the class. The reader includes the actual full business plan for Virtual Ink, a MIT $50K entrant which went on to launch its Mimio product which captures whiteboard drawings electronically. This Business Plan will be used throughout the course to illustrate concepts. Course Materials listed below without links are included in the Course Reader. NOTE: if you are not a MIT student and do not have access to the Canvas website you can find most if not all of the cited materials by searching the Internet for the books or articles mentioned.

Session 1 -  Part 1:   Introduction to New Ventures

Session 1 -  Part 2:   Marketing and Sales: Finding Your Customer

Session 2 -  Part 1:   Business Models

Session 2 -  Part 2:   Organizational and People Issues Timmons, Jeffrey A., New Venture Creation- Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century, Chapter 7 "The New Venture Team".   Students Registered For Credit See, Course Reader.

Session 3 -  Part 1:   Founder's Journey at MIT Read the "Surprising facts from "The Founder's Dilemmas" in the Course Reader   The full article is at The Founder's Dilemna, HBR Article by Noam Wasserman.

Session 3 -  Part 2:   Legal Issues

Session 4 -  Part 1:   Presenting Your Venture

Session 4 -  Part 2:   Negotiation Skills

There are no assigned readings for this Session.

Session 5 -  Part 1:   Financing Sources Panel

Session 5 -  Part 2:   Financial Projections

Presentation Materials.

Presentation materials from speakers will be available on-line on the MIT Canvas following each presentation.  The Web Site will also have other materials and references.  Please use for email.

Complete Virtual Ink Business Plan 8.1.97



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