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Session 1 - Tues 1/24/17
Session 2 - Wed 1/25/17
Session 3 - Thurs 1/26/17
Session 4 - Tues 1/31/17
Session 5 - Wed 2/1/17
Session 6 - Thurs 2/2/17
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Session 4:
Presenting Your Venture Idea;
Legal Issues

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
6:00pm to 9:00pm, Room: 10-250

Part 1: Presenting Your Venture Idea

Presenting Your Idea: Entrepreneurs are always "selling" their ideas to potential employees, customers, partners and investors. How do you position and present your ideas in the best light? Part of this class will be an interactive session with students and others who are in the process of developing a business plan.

Readings: Speaker:
Bob Jones
Founder and CEO, Scientific Nutrition Products, Inc.
Serial Healthcare Industry Entrepreneur
Read his bio here.
Bob Jones at his Other Job -

Presentation Slides:    Presenting Your Venture Idea

Part 2: Legal Issues
Identifying and dealing with legal issues in the Business Plan. Securities laws and the Business Plan- How to avoid Going to Jail without passing Go and without Collecting $200. Intellectual Property Law-Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Tradesecrets. Major hidden tax traps in starting a business-how to avoid generating phantom income and taxes.

General questions and answers on legal issues for the entrepreneur - What you always wanted to know about the law but were afraid to ask/pay for.

Reading:  Read Articles from the Boston Business Journal "Starting Up" column: Speaker:
Joe Hadzima
Presentation Slides:    Legal Issues



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