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Session 1 - Tuesday 1/23/18
Session 2 - Wed 1/24/18
Session 3 - Thurs 1/25/18
Session 4 - Tues 1/30/18
Session 5 - Wed 1/31/18
Session 6 - Thurs 2/1/18
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Session 5:
Financing Sources Panel;
Financial Projections

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
6:00pm to 9:00pm, Room: 10-250

Part 1: Financing Sources Panel

You have identified the product/service and the market. You have settled on a business model and have done your financial projections. How will you finance the plan?

This session will cover: Bootstrapping the early stages. Funding from the 3 F's- Friends, Family and Fools. Angels- who are they and what are they looking for? Private placements. Customer financing. Consulting- getting someone else to pay for the development, provide a beta site and endorse your idea. Venture capital. Bank financing.

You will learn about the institutional constraints and needs of various funding sources. As a result you will be in a better position to determine if, when and how to approach these sources for financing.

This part of the program will feature a panel of experts discussing different financing sources. The January 2018 IAP panel members are:

  • Gaye Bok, Venture Partner at Excel Venture Management, LLC
  • Barbara Clarke, Founding Principal of The Impact Seat / Angel Investor
  • Julia Kline, Chief Operations Officer and Counsel at
Panel Moderator:
Julianne Zimmerman
Experienced Technology Innovator and Investor
Read her bio here.
Video of Presentation:   
Presentation Slides:    Hadzima - Financing Overview


Part 2: Financial Projections

Armed with an understanding of the market for your products how do you figure out what financial resources you will need to bring a product to that market? This portion of the program will introduce some financial projection techniques based on actual business experience.

Readings: Speaker:
Joe Hadzima
Video of Presentation:   
Presentation Slides:    Building Financial Projections



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