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Nuts and Bolts has had great Teaching Assistants over the years. Here is who they are and what they are doing.

2017 Bar Kafri
2016 Monique Guimond and Michael K. Mckean
2015 Marc Chalifoux and Jay Sherman
2014 Gino Korolev
2013 Haya Al Ghanim and Alison Lynne Yost
2012 Hannah Clark Steiman
2011 Kourosh Kaghazian
2010 Whitney Braunstein
2009 Sombit Mishra
2008 Diego Panama
2007 Ovidiu Bujorean
2005 Mark Roberge
2004 Liesbet Peeters
2002 Timo Somervuo
2001 Victor K. Mallet
1999 Harrison Roberts

2017 Teaching Assistant: Bar Kafri

Bar Kafri

Bar Kafri a 2018 MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan and the Managing Director of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition.   Prior to arriving at Sloan he served at the IDF as a project manager and an officer.   He has a wide experience in leading cross-functional teams under stressful conditions and high technological uncertainties.   Specializing in development of innovative and creative solutions for complex problems.   In addition, he holds a MS from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Chemical engineering with specialization in Renewable Energy and Computer Simulations. LinkedIn Page

2016 Teaching Assistants: Monique Guimond and Michael K. Mckean

Monique Guimond

Monique Guimond is a 2017 MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan and the Managing Director of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Prior to arriving at Sloan she was one of the first employees at a healthcare design social-enterprise, MASS Design Group, which is located in Boston, MA and Kigali, Rwanda. She spent five years at MASS building out operations and expanding their business model abroad. In addition she holds a BS from Georgetown University in International Health and has spent time conducting infectious disease research in South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. LinkedIn Page

Michael K. Mckean

Michael K. Mckean is a member of the Sloan Fellows class of 2016 at MIT Sloan. A software engineer and entrepreneur, his most recent venture,, is the leading provider of data and analytics to the global meetings & events industry. Michael stepped down as CEO in July of 2015 to attend MIT. He remains on the board of directors and is the majority shareholder of the firm. In addition to attending MIT Sloan, Michael is a venture partner at Converge Venture Partners ( and the chairman of MF Holdings LLC where he invests in real estate, multi-unit franchising and risk capital (venture, private equity and hedge funds). He is a member of the Young President's Organization (YPO) and the Entrepreneur's Organization (EO). He and his wife Jennifer have two children, Melanie and Thomas, and split their time between Rehoboth Beach, DE and Washington, DC. LinkedIn Page

2015 Teaching Assistants: Marc Chalifoux and Jay Sherman

Marc Chalifoux

Marc Chalifoux is candidate for MBA in 2016 at MIT Sloan School of Management. He was recently named co-Managing Director of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Marc has held leadership positions in the private, public and nonprofits sectors in Canada. Most recently, he oversaw internal communications at TD Bank at their head office in Toronto. LinkedIn Page

Jay Sherman

Jay Sherman is a first year MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management and is the incoming Associate Director of the MIT $100K Competition. Prior to Sloan, Jay founded and managed three companies. His first company was a third party logistics provider, serving as a reseller of DHL International. He then formed a sales and marketing company that launched a card-based customer loyalty rewards program across the U.S. Most recently, Jay owned and operated a BlueGrace Logistics franchise, providing transportation management services to small and medium sized companies in the U.S. and Canada.

At Sloan, Jay also serves as the co-President of the Sales and Business Development Club and is enrolled in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track. After graduating, Jay hopes to secure a business development role in a technology company focused on sales and marketing solutions. LinkedIn Page

2014 Teaching Assistant: Gino Korolev

Gino Korolev

Gino Korolev is a 2015 MIT Sloan MBA student. He completed his B.S. in Computer Science at Northeastern University.

Before coming to MIT, as a Director of Technology at Medullan, he oversaw development of innovative web and mobile solutions for UnitedHealth, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, and Foundation Medicine.   Prior to that Gino founded a data analytics startup, AppsMeter, that focused on tracking the mobile app space.

Gino currently holds 4 technology patents in the United States, with several more pending.   In his spare time, Gino loves skiing, playing soccer, and on a bad weather day, learning about the early medieval history. Linkedin Page

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2013 Teaching Assistants: Haya Al Ghanim and Alison Lynne Yost

Haya Al Ghanim

Haya Al Ghanim is a 2014 MIT Sloan MBA graduate and the first Qatari graduate.   She earned her B.A. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado - Boulder.   Before coming to MIT, she operated under multiple hats at a non-profit organization, Qatar Foundation for Science, Education and Community Development as well as its subsidiary centers.   Her main focus was "Capacity Building" as a means to diversify the local economy.   One of the programs she ran in Qatar was the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.   Haya's interests span over the complexity spectrum from behavioral neuroscience and management to frozen yogurt. She is still searching for her favorite sport, but the latest sport of interest seems to be squash, skiing, playing soccer, and on a bad weather day, learning about the early medieval history. LinkedIn Page

Alison Lynne Yost

Alison Lynne Yost is a PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering studying the incorporation of nonporous elements in microfluidics for bioparticle separation applications. She completed her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 2012, and earned her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. While at UNH, Allison was also a member of the NCAA Division 1 Women's Soccer Team. Allison is interested in the intersection of engineering and medicine, hoping to pursue biomedical endeavors to affect those in need. Recently a member of the H@acking Medicine Initiative at MIT, she has become passionate about entrepreneurial endeavors for disruptive healthcare. In her spare time, Allison loves to be outdoors, skiing, running, hiking, and cooking.  LinkedIn Page

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2012 Teaching Assistant: Hannah Clark Steiman

Hannah Clark Steiman

Hannah Clark Steiman graduated from MIT Sloan with a MBA student in 2013.

Before coming to Sloan, she spent seven years as a business journalist, mostly at Forbes and Inc., a magazine focused on entrepreneurs. At Inc., she edited sections focused on helping business owners manage their companies more effectively. She has also worked as Communications Manager at the Clinton Global Initiative. After graduating from MIT Sloan she joined Innosight as an Associate.

Hannah blogs about cooking, personal finance, and other topics at, and you can follow her on Twitter at @hannahsteiman. LinkedIn Page

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2011 Teaching Assistant: Kourosh Kaghazian

Kourosh Kaghazian

Kourosh Kaghazian received his MBA from MIT Sloan School in 2012. Before coming to Sloan, he founded or was involved in several startups in the book and printing areas.

While at Sloan and in addition to TAing Nuts and Bolts, Kourosh was Managing Director of the MIT $100K Competition.

Since Sloan Kourosh has held several positions at Amazon. LinkedIn Page

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2010 Teaching Assistant: Whitney Braunstein

Whitney Braunstein

Whitney Braunstein received her MBA from MIT Sloan School in 2011 with a concentration in Marketing. Before coming to Sloan, she held various positions in project management and marketing.

Since Sloan Whitney has worked in New York as a Digital Strategist consultant for a number of leading companies. LinkedIn Page

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2009 Teaching Assistant: Sombit Mishra

Sombit Mishra

Sombit Mishra received his MBA from MIT Sloan School in 2010 with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Before attending Sloan, he held various positions in marketing and business development.

Following Sloan Sombit founded QMedic "the World's Smartest Medical Alert Service". LinkedIn Page

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2008 Teaching Assistant: Diego Panama

Diego Panama

Diego Panama received his MBA from MIT Sloan School in 2009. Before attending Sloan, he was Director of Programs at Endeavor.

Following Sloan Diego worked in various positions at Microsoft and then at LiveRamp in NYC. LinkedIn Page

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2007 Teaching Assistant: Ovidiu Bujorean

Ovidiu Bujorean

Ovidiu Bujorean received his MBA from MIT Sloan School in 2008. Before attending Sloan, Ovi founded and ran several young entrepreneur networks in Romania.

Following Sloan Ovi worked in private equity and most recently as Senior Program Manager of the GIST Initiative building entrepreneurial ecosystems across the Middle East, Turkey, Asia, and Africa. LinkedIn Page

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2005 Teaching Assistant: Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge received his MBA from MIT Sloan School in 2006. Before attending Sloan, Mark was a consultant at Accenture and an account executive at Vettro.

Following Sloan Mark founded a pet related internet company and then joined Hubspot as VP Sales. Currently he is the Chief Revenue Officer at Hubspot. LinkedIn Page

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2004 Teaching Assistant: Liesbet Peeters

Liesbet Peeters

Liesbet Peeters received her MBA from MIT Sloan School in 2005. Before attending Sloan, Liesbet was a financial analyst at an investment bank and an investment associate at a private equity firm.

Following Sloan Liesbet was an investment officer at the World Bank and is currently Managing Director of D. Capital Partners which seeks to facilitate capital flows to underserved countries, sectors, and beneficiaries, particularly those in developing countries. LinkedIn Page

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2002 Teaching Assistant: Timo Somervuo

Timo Somervuo

Timo Somervuo received his B.Sc in Management Science from MIT in 2005 and a B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2006 and a Master of Engineering in 2007.

Following Sloan Timo has held various positions in the fixed income area at Morgan Stanley and is currently a VP-Credit Index Trader. LinkedIn Page

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2001 Teaching Assistant: Victor K. Mallet

Victor K. Mallet

Victor K. Mallet received his B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from MIT in 2002.

Following Sloan Victor has held various positions in the energy area primarily in Africa and is currently Mozambique Business Development Manager for Aggeko, a supplier of interim, critical and backup power. LinkedIn Page

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1999 Teaching Assistant: Harrison Roberts

Harrison Roberts

Harrison Roberts received MBA from MIT Sloan in 1999.

Following Sloan Harrison has held various positions in the computer industry, currently at EMC Corporation. LinkedIn Page

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