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Session 1 - Tuesday 1/23/2024
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Session 5 - Wed 1/31/2024
Session 6 - Thurs 2/1/2024
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Deal Source Information
There are a number of places on the web where you can find out about new venture funding:
Private Equity Hub is an interactive forum for the global private equity community, which includes venture capitalists, buyouts professionals, public pension funds, endowments, foundations, lenders, investment bankers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, MBA candidates studying PE, and assorted hangers-on.
  The Deal
Since 1999, The Deal LLC has been a leader in sophisticated coverage of The Deal Economy. Through The Deal magazine and The Deal Pipeline, we provide unique and proprietary content that serves the news, information and idea generation needs of corporate and financial dealmakers, advisers, intermediaries and investors.
VC Experts provides specialized content on private equity & venture capital fundraising, valuation & deal term details on thousands of privately funded companies, and analytics for managing & modeling private company capital structures.
  Pitchbook-NVCA Venture Monitor
Venture Monitor
The Venture Monitor provides a complete look at venture capital activity, reporting on fundraising, investments, exits and other relevant industry analysis in one comprehensive report each quarter.
Gain insight from VC, PE and M&A data with the PitchBook Platform
Emerging Technologies
Here are some sources with information about emerging technologies at MIT:
  MIT Technology Review.
Since 1899, Technology Review has been MIT's magazine of innovation. Our mission statement "to promote the understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on business and society" defines the unique value that Technology Review's audience of over 1 million affluent adults find in our products and services. The MIT News Office publishes new research developments at MIT.
Intellectual Property Resources
Here are some resources about intellectual property- what is it and how do you search it:
  US Patent and Trademark Office.  In the United States patent applications are filed with and issued by the USPTO.  You can search for published pending applications and for issued patents at the USPTO Patent Search Site.
  MIT Technology Licensing Office.  The TLO is responsible for MIT's intellectual property, including patents, copyrights and trademarks.  For information about MIT staff and student rights in technology see: Guide to the Ownership, Distribution and Commercial Development of MIT Technology.
  IPVision Patent Analytics.  IPVision is a MIT spinoff that has developed algorithms and analytics to enable business, technical and legal experts to understand the intellectual property landscape.  You can create patent maps, search for US patents and produce analyses at
MIT Resources
Official Resources
  Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation. Located in the MIT School of Engineering, the Deshpande Center's mission is to improve the innovation process and ensure that good ideas become a reality, by:
  • Promoting the earliest stages of technology development with flexible funding.
  • Connecting MIT's inventors with investors and the business community (particularly in New England) via symposia, education and other efforts.
  • Tying MIT's technological research into market needs.
  MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition.
The MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition is designed to encourage students and researchers in the MIT community to act on their talent, ideas and energy to produce tomorrow's leading firms. As the world leader among university entrepreneurship competitions, the Competition has facilitated the birth of over 60 companies with an aggregate value of over $10.5 billion dollars. These companies have generated over 1800 jobs and received $175 million dollars in Venture Capital funding.
  MIT Venture Mentoring Service.
VMS supports innovation and entrepreneurial activity throughout the MIT community by matching prospective entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors who can boost the probability of a start-up's success.
  Martin Trust Center for MIT Enterpreneurship.
The Trust Center team provides content, context, and contacts that enable entrepreneurs to design and launch successful new ventures based on innovative technologies. We help MIT students, alumni, and colleagues access an array of educational programs, networking opportunities, technologies, and resources, both at MIT and around the world. Members of the MIT E-Center community form a global network to actively advise and assist each other for mutual benefit, enabling them to set and meet their highest expectations.
  MIT Innovation Initiative.
The MIT Innovation Initiative is a small team of unceasingly inquisitive, data-obsessed MIT-ers tasked by The Office of the Provost to develop and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial community at MIT and beyond. We've built an innovation infrastructure at MIT to inspire, support, and connect the most innovative people, programs, places, and partnerships at MIT stewarding the innovation process from idea to impact.
Student and Other Resources:
MIT has over 20 student clubs and initiatives with a focus on entrepreneurship. Here are a few of them:
  The Entrepreneurs Club,
aka the E-Club, was formed in 1988 to encourage MIT and Harvard students, faculty, staff, alumni and select professionals to discuss and develop all aspects of science and technology business creation. Members represent a range of experience and backgrounds including business, engineering, arts and sciences. Many MIT and Harvard startups have recruited club members as $50K team members, co-founding partners, and equity-sharing employees.
  MIT TinyTechnology
MIT TinyTech is an institute-wide student organization which aims to advance understanding of emerging micro-through-nanoscale technologies, to serve researchers from throughout MIT through events and activities, and to build links between interested science, engineering, and business communities at and beyond the Institute.
  MIT's Venture Capital and Private Equity Club (VCPE) aims to introduce students to the rapidly growing private equity markets. Our mission is to provide members with exposure, knowledge and contacts within the early-stage venture capital and late-stage private equity industries, while simultaneously providing professional private equity investors with access to the MIT research and entrepreneurial communities. We are committed to linking MIT's entrepreneurial community to global private equity markets and supporting a growing relationship between MIT and industry



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