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Session 1 - Tuesday 1/23/2024
Session 2 - Wed 1/24/2024
Session 3 - Thurs 1/25/2024
Session 4 - Tues 1/30/2024
Session 5 - Wed 1/31/2024
Session 6 - Thurs 2/1/2024
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The Course Reader is available to registered students from the "Files" link at the MIT Canvas website for the class. Course Materials listed below without links are included in the Course Reader. NOTE: if you are not a MIT student and do not have access to the Canvas website click here for links to publicly available books.

Session 1 -  Part 1:   Introduction: Most Startups Fail; How To Improve Your Odds

Read the interview with the Jensen Huang, the founder of Nvidia: He Built a Trillion-Dollar Company. He Wouldn't Do It Again

Session 1 -  Part 2:   Marketing and Sales: Finding Your Customer

Session 2 -  Part 1:   Negotiation Skills

There are no assigned readings for this Session.

Session 2 -  Part 2:   Organizational and People Issues Timmons, Jeffrey A., New Venture Creation- Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century, Chapter 7 "The New Venture Team".   Students Registered For Credit See, Course Reader.

Session 3 -  Part 1:   Founder's Journey Read the "Surprising facts from "The Founder's Dilemmas" in the Course Reader   The full article is at The Founder's Dilemna, HBR Article by Noam Wasserman.

Session 3 -  Part 2:   Legal Issues

Session 4 -  Part 1:   Presenting Your Venture

Session 4 -  Part 2:   How Are You Going to Make Money - the Business/Venture Model

Session 5 -  Part 1:   Financing Sources Panel

Session 5 -  Part 2:   Financial Projections

  • Chapter 10, "Figuring Out Financials" and Chapter 11, "Forecasting and Budgeting" from Tiffany, Paul and Peterson, Steven, Business Plans for Dummies, IDG Books Worldwide.   Students Registered For Credit See, Course Reader.
  • Download a copy of the Financial Template shown in the lecture.
  • Download a copy of the Equity Distribution and Dilution spreadsheet shown in the lecture.

Presentation Materials.

Following each session the presentation materials from the speakers will be available on the related session page on this website and on the MIT Canvas site.



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