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Session 2:
Negotiation Skills;
Organizational and People Issues

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
6:00pm to 9:00pm Eastern Time, Room: 10-250

Part 1: Negotiation Skills

How do you negotiate deals and resolve team conflicts?  This session will cover negotiation basics and will feature a negotiation workshop using a real but disguised MIT company formation problem.

Mindy Garber
Mindy Garber Experienced Negotiator
Mindy is a co-founder and is Chief for Quality/Customer Satisfaction at Parlance Corporation, makers of speech-recognition telephony applications  LinkedIn Page
Read her bio here 
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Part 2: Organizational and People Issues

Most ventures which fail do so because of people issues, not technology, market or funding issues.   What people are needed to take an idea and make it a reality?   How do you identify good team members and avoid problems?   Building an External Team and an Internal Team.   Developing and implementing a philosophy for the business.

This session will tackle questions such as:

  • In a world that seems focused on advancement via technology, how important is it to build a top-quality team?
  • Do you have a story about when you made a really good hire?
  • How about one where you did this badly?
  • What were the key differences between the good hires and the bad hires?
  • How has this changed your approach to interviewing for new hires? Are you better at hiring?
  • How do you keep your team focused and motivated? How do you motivate, recognize and reward top performance?
  • What about firing? Have you ever done it? What can you share about that experience?
  • What are the pros and cons of issuing stock/options and how does that affect the culture of the company you're building?

We will discuss "People Issues" with a panel assembled by Vivian Vitale:

Timmons, Jeffrey A., New Venture Creation- Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century, Chapter 7 "The New Venture Team".   Students Registered For Credit See, Course Reader.

Vivian Vitale
Organizational Consultant
Human Resource Executive - Founder led companies

Vivian Vitale Ms. Vitale has over 30 years of experience in people management in high technology organizations; the last 20 years as part of the leadership teams of RSA Security, Unica Corporation,, and, most recently, Veracode.
Read her bio here.

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