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Session 4:
Presenting Your Venture;
How Are You Going to Make Money - the Business/Venture Model

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
6:00pm to 9:00pm Eastern Time, Room: 10-250

Part 1: Presenting Your Venture

Presenting Your Idea: Entrepreneurs are always "selling" their ideas to potential employees, customers, partners and investors.   How do you position and present your ideas in the best light? Part of this class will be an interactive session with students and others who are in the process of developing a New Venture.

Readings: Speaker:
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Author, Start-up advisor;
Serial Healthcare Industry Entrepreneur

Bob has started four companies and served as CEO of a company that's publicly traded on the Hong Kong exchange.  His book The Start-Up Starter Kit: How to Avoid Failing in the Crucial First Two Years is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Read his bio here.
Bob Jones at his Other Job -
Sign Up for Bob's Startup Starter Kit Book Community.

Video of Presentation:   
Presentation Slides:   Presenting Your Venture

Part 2: How Are You Going to Make Money - the Business/Venture Model

You have determined who wants your product or service.   Now the most important question "How Do You Make Money"? or for non-profit ventures "How Do You Create a Sustainable Venture"?   This session will discuss Business/Venture Models.   What are some common models and when are they most appropriately used?

Rich Kivel
Rich Kivel Serial Healthcare Industry Entrepreneur;
Venture Investor

Rich is Managing Director of GrayBella Capital LLC., a VC/PE investment fund focused on biotech, healthcare and technology companies in Europe.   LinkedIn Page
Read His Bio Here.

Video of Presentation:   
Presentation Slides:    Business Models



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