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There is a writing requirement which must be met in order to receive academic credit for this course. You have two choices: (1) write a 2 to 3 page Executive Summary for a new venture you are developing, or (2) prepare a Pitch Deck presentation (10 slides max) for your new venture. TEAM EFFORTS ARE ENCOURAGED.  Enter Your Team Information at or Find a Team at Team Formation Google Sheet.

Writing Assignment Due Date: Midnight, Friday February 2, 2024.   Submit your work at the MIT Canvas Course Website - MIT Certificates Required. Persons taking the course who are not formally registered For Credit but who would like feedback on their venture and who do not have access to the Canvas website should contact the TAs about how to submit their summary or deck.

Persons who are planning to enter the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition might want to use this opportunity to draft an Executive Summary or Pitch Deck for his or her new venture.

To see Airbnb, Square and other examples check out 30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks.

Executive Summaries and Pitch Decks will be evaluated on the following criteria, among others:

  • Is the Executive Summary or Presentation:
    • Clear?
    • Convincing?
    • Well written/presented?
  • Attractiveness of Opportunity:
    • Uniqueness of idea
    • Size of Market
    • Protectability of Idea
    • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Clarity of Presentation:
    • Market and Customer Analysis
    • Sales and Distribution Strategy - is the customer targeted?
    • Financial Analysis: Are the stated financial requirements consistent with the Opportunity and targeted market?

Each student submitting an Executive Summary or Pitch Deck will receive feedback on a numerical scale to indicate where his or her presentation is "strong" and where additional work is needed. Specific written comments may also be provided where appropriate. NOTE: There is a limited amount of time between the last session of the course and the date on which grades have to be submitted to the Registrar- accordingly, the amount of individual feedback available is limited. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity to obtain some "high level" feedback as you prepare to enter the $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Once grades are submitted, students who want more detailed feedback are encouraged to contact Mr. Hadzima directly (


If you have questions please contact the TA (



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